Weekend Video Project

Each weekend a new project will be posted here. Finished videos are due on Tuesday.

Upload your video to vimeo or youtube and use the "Submit" button to embed it in this site.
Jan 11 '11

New Projects for a New Year!

We are going to start this up again soon! The holidays and other things cut into our time to spend on this little blog, but we will have new projects soon!

Oct 25 '10

From Eric Buist

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Oct 21 '10

Hidden Wipes

The project for this weekend is: use hidden wipes as your transitions. Try to hide the wipes by finding objects in your video that you can wipe with. This works well if you use the side of a building, people walking in front of the camera, or anything else you can think of.

Like always, projects are due on Tuesday by 5pm PT. Have fun!

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Oct 19 '10

From Eric Buist

Tags: freelensing

Oct 17 '10

From Jon Brown

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